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The purpose of the Photography Club is to offer a supporting environment where students who are interested in photography can express their creativity, knowledge, and passion. Regular meetings and debates will be held by the group, and it will also plan activities including photo walks, field visits, talks, and workshops by visiting artists. Members will also conduct peer-to-peer portfolio evaluations, investigate the potential for on- and off-campus exhibitions, and look into prospects for photography projects in partnership with other campus departments.


This course was created with photography in mind. We'll make use of the distinctive and limitless potential of post-processing a digital photograph. Students should first visualise the picture in their minds before creating one that corresponds with that picture to master the technical aspects of taking pictures with a digital camera.
The major objectives of the proposed mission are to:
❖ To gain knowledge of how to shoot with digital cameras to get the best possible results.
❖ To learn and practise skills related to emailing and posting to a website while using digital photography tools and the Internet.
❖ To form the habit of paying attentive attention to your surroundings so that you may accurately portray them in terms of beauty, truth, and aesthetics.
❖ To see what you are looking at and to look at what you are seeing.
❖ Encourage and teach.
❖ Coverage of various events within the institute & participation in external competitions.

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