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We believe that music and singing does not always have to lead to a career or profession. Rather, the pursuer of music needs to feel free to learn the art form and elevate him/herself to the highest level that she/he probably Therefore, our objective is to provide everybody a platform to promote and attain their ambitions as a musician.


We focus on cultivation of musical talent around the university campus. Students get to participate and exposed to various musical activities throughout the academic years, develop and acquire rich array of musical skills. KLH Music Club is a precious part of the diverse life on campus, where the musical talent grows and where the leadership and inclusiveness get literally practiced and encouraged through the practicing sessions, club meetings and concert performances.
The major objectives of the proposed mission are to:
❖ To engage musically talented/experienced students in club’s activities.
❖ To maintain the progress in their musical skills throughout the academic years.
❖ To bring the theoretical knowledge obtained in music courses into practice.
❖ To develop organizational skills in students through creating bands and managing concerts.
❖ To foster leadership skills in students through practicalities of musical performances.
❖ To develop critical listening and analysing skills, and enhance the enjoyment for music.

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